Corporate Social Investment

Unlocking South Africa's potential.

Corporate Social Investment

Unlocking South Africa's potential.

Corporate Social Investment

Unlocking South Africa's potential.

Corporate Social Investment

Unlocking South Africa's potential.

Our approach to youth empowerment

South Africa’s mammoth unemployment challenge that faces mostly young people needs innovative and sustainable thinking to make a visible difference. We’ve empowered our Corporate Social Investment team through the Momentum Metropolitan Foundation to concentrate on finding workable and sustainable solutions to place young people into gainful jobs. Our broad-based, holistic approach is delivering successful and far-reaching results.

Funding criteria

Because of the magnitude of the problem and the scope creep in trying to address it, we have put down certain parameters to ensure a focused approach. Our investment should deliver a sustainable job or income generating activity for young people. To achieve this, we prioritise partnerships and programmes who/which:

  • Support the journey to employment: recruitment to placement and career support.
  • Focus on the youth segment 16 to 25.
  • Offer accredited programmes.
  • Are innovative and invest in the sustainability of their organisation.
  • Are registered non-profits in good standing.
  • Base their responses on community engagement and research.

Our partners

We care about youth unemployment and that’s why we prioritise projects and partners that support their journey to employment. This means we focus on programmes from partners where there's a clear, intentional flow from recruitment, technical training, psychosocial support and self-development to job placement, entrepreneurship, and career or business mentoring and support.

Life Choices Coding Academy logo.

Life Choices Coding Academy

Life Choices gives young people, between the ages of 18 to 26, from the Cape Flats and surrounding areas the opportunity to learn coding.

Ubuntu Pathways logo.

Ubuntu Pathways

Ubuntu Pathways was established in 1999 in the Zwide township of Port Elizabeth. The programme follows a market-driven training model, training youth in various trades.

Sparrow FET College logo.

Sparrow FET College

Sparrow Schools was established in 1990 with a mission to prepare children and youth with learning difficulties to become income-generators through comprehensive education.

WeThinkCode logo.


WeThinkCode_ was founded in 2016. Their approach is to work within an eco-system of public and private partners to source and train world-class African digital talent.

Agri Enterprises logo.

Agri Enterprises

Agri Enterprises was established in 2016 by Agri SA to create and implement innovative solutions to commercial agriculture. It enterprises function as the commercial arm of Agri SA.

Youth day initiatives

We partner with young people and NPOs to bring solutions to the obstacles the youth encounter. We aim to prepare the youth for the working world, and equip them with skills and knowledge to empower them in their careers.

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